6 Things To Include In Your Moroccan-Themed Decor

6 Things To Include In Your Moroccan-Themed Decor

The settings with the most beautiful décor are always those that are deeply rooted in the culture of gorgeous locales. Morocco is one such location. While not everyone may be able to host their wedding in Morocco, you can definitely bring Morocco home.

Moroccan-themed weddings are one rising wedding trend that we are starting to see. It is known for its own flair and beauty. There are some decor elements that give a Moroccan wedding the glamour it is famous for. Here are some entertaining décor suggestions for your reception if you are planning a Moroccan-inspired wedding!

Lantern Tablescapes

Moroccan wedding decor is heavily inspired and has traces of bohemian decor. One key change you can bring to your wedding decor is by incorporating this lovely element. Usually, wedding receptions have a specific dining area. The dining table also has center pieces, and couples often opt for floral centerpieces.

If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, you can choose to place flowers over a lantern and suspend them over the dining table. Rather than opting for the traditional floral center piece, this is a great alternative to replace it with. You can also choose vintage and antique lantern pieces to give a more authentic look. You can even mix these lanterns with balloon lights and air plant terrariums.

Moroccan Rugs Around The Venue

Rugs are a huge part of Moroccan culture. The average Moroccan has rugs all around the house too. So it is a no brainer that every Moroccan themed wedding ought to be incomplete without rugs. You can spread out these lavish rugs around the venue, especially at the entryway of the venue so your guests are greeted with pomp and zest. You can also lay them around the aisle or the mandap area.

Antique Lanterns

A Moroccan-themed wedding can never be complete without traditional Moroccan lanterns! They definitely set the tone for the wedding, and you can place them all around the venue. Be it around the mandap or the seating area, metal vintage lanterns will brighten up the entire area, even if it is only a piece for the show.

Poufs At The Seating Area

Ditch the traditional seating options for your guests, for something new and afresh! Your traditional seating options usually include divans, couches, or even chairs. You can use this at your wedding function or even the wedding reception, in the dining area. Replace them with traditional Moroccan poufs. Poufs are very similar to your couch seats, except they are very heavy and puffy. We absolutely love the look of these poufs!

If you have a low table for the dining area, poufs can be used so the guests enjoy their meals under the bright sky! You can also use these poufs under cabanas or canopies, for your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony. Place some eccentric throw pillows and decorate the area around, to make it aesthetically pleasing for your guests!

Cabana Style Seating

When it comes to your wedding functions, if you already have an outdoor venue in mind, why not choose this lovely style of seating, instead of the same old chairs and couches? We love how cabanas look, and once you style them with traditional Moroccan decor elements, you will too! You can use soft drapes to cover the cabana, and if it is an evening wedding function, overhead fairy lights are a great option!

Style the insides with some antique metal lanterns, poufs, and throw pillows. Or just spread out a gorgeous Moroccan rug full of patterns and you are good to go! You can set up one huge cabana, or many smaller ones depending on your guest list! This seating style is perfect for an intimate Mehendi ceremony with friends and family.

Moroccan Styled Backdrops

When it comes to your wedding stage backdrop, go for something fancy! If you are looking for a Moroccan-themed backdrop, we must insist you have a look at this lovely backdrop idea, paired with giant genie pieces! This will definitely make you live through your Arabian Nights dreams!

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