How To Use Tires As Props At Weddings

How To Use Tires As Props At Weddings

Nope—other wedding décor supplies exist in addition to flowers, curtains, and fairy lights. The decorations for weddings go much beyond these standard items. Consider the example of tires, for instance. But hold on, tires as wedding décor? Regardless of how strange it may sound, what you just read is actually true.

Tires that have been colorfully spray-painted are being used in a really inventive way to provide joyful and upbeat sensations to the design. Particularly for daytime outdoor events like Haldi and Mehendi. The issue with tires is that they are quite simple to use and instantly exude vivacity. These vibrant tires appear even nicer when paired with floral arrangements. The fact that the tire décor ideas are so do-it-yourself and inexpensive is another thing that made us fall in love with them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best tire-themed decorating ideas we found.

Near The Pool

Spray painted tires spewing forth marigold threads and encircled by pinwheels will highlight your poolside décor. Tires are perfect wedding décor rentals to have especially at a poolside wedding function. Additionally, you can also use tires instead of wedding sofa rentals. With some décor and uplifting, tires can replace your regular seating options in a jiffy!

Get Rid Of The Traditional Flower Pots

A unique cascading decor feature to jazz up your wedding location is colorful tires covered in fresh flowers. Every décor element is instantly uplifted by flowers, so why must tires be the exception?

It Is All In The Details

Consider creating a lovely photo op area like this beside the pool. In the end, it’s all in the little details! After all, you need a perfect photo booth to click all your lovely wedding pictures. It is also suitable for your guests.

A Collection Of Vibrant Tires

What is better than a monochrome set of tires? Multiple colorful ones! A collection of colorful tires enhanced with tiny flower pots is such a lovely addition to your wedding.

Tire Decorations For Trees

Don’t miss the opportunity to glam up those luscious trees, and make the most of the location. Hanging colorful tires and decorating them with brilliant flowers are two of the best methods to decorate trees for a daytime event.

When A Number Of Oddball Components Combine

What a beautiful picture booth that is, created out of colorful bottles, tyres, and of course, flowers. Isn’t it lovely? You can use this set at multiple wedding functions to cut down on some costs. Your guests won’t be able to stop fawning over this lovely photo booth!

Make A Spotless White Photo Booth

To make DIY photo booths, collect some white umbrellas and paint some white tires. This is a great option if you are looking for a monochrome option. You can even create other similar photo booths with other colors, to suit the theme of your wedding function more!

Fresh Flowers And Colorful Tires

Here’s yet another fun design concept for your wedding venue! Simply arrange many colorful tires at the location for a zesty atmosphere by filling them with flowers and greenery. If you wish to DIY the decor for the Mehendi celebration, take this into consideration.

Painted Tires Used As A Base For Tables

Tires don’t just work as photo booth props or as a replacement for seating. They are very flexible props and you can even try out using them as table bases! Who knew that tires could be so gorgeously used as table stands? It is currently one of the most well-liked tire decoration concepts! This is for all the quirky couples that love bringing an artsy touch to everything.

Give The Photo Booths A Tire-Themed Twist

Flowers bursting from the vibrant tires look very lovely! Here’s another way you can incorporate this odd component into your wedding decor. Flowers look lovely paired up with all décor elements! Bringing the list to a close with an incredibly lively photo booth that includes unusual components including an umbrella, wheels, dreamcatchers, and tires. You can even throw in some fairy string lights and other lights if it is a night wedding.

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