Chandeliers Are Now In Style!

Chandeliers Are Now In Style!

We haven’t recently shared with you any timeless design components. In addition, it is challenging to return to a traditional decor aspect with all the new ideas that wedding decorators and wedding planners are releasing. The classics should still be prioritized, though, notwithstanding what has been said. Due to this, we are presenting one of our favorite design items today: chandelier rentals, which is an old-fashioned decor element.

When it comes to wedding décor, a chandelier is without a doubt one of the most regal, aristocratic, and chic solutions. We have discovered several ways to use chandeliers at your wedding, so if you’re wondering how to put them into practice, you’re in luck. The best chandelier designs are shown below.

Contemporary Chandelier Designs Over The Seating

Having chandeliers directly above your seating arrangement is a terrific choice, whether it is for your stage seating area or the seats of your guests at your wedding events. Not only can chandeliers make your guests feel pampered, but they will also instantly make your wedding decor look more elegant.

Modern Chandelier Styles at the wedding entrance

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Your wedding guests will judge how beautiful or depressing your wedding is based on the design of your entryway. As a result, it only makes sense that the wedding venue’s entrance decor would be spectacular. Having a chandelier to welcome your loved ones is the best possible method to accomplish it. After viewing the big entry decor, they will be really eager to see what is within!

Wooden Chandeliers with Beads

Try contemporary beaded styles if classic crystal chandeliers aren’t quite what you’re going for. This wedding lounge area has a cluster of white and ivory beaded chandeliers that add an airy, bohemian touch.

Mason Jar Chandelier

A whimsical mason jar chandelier is appropriate for a wedding with a vintage or rustic atmosphere. We like how this country-style accent is being used in other contexts besides only as wedding center pieces.

Green Garland Chandelier

The lovely floral chandeliers that run down the middle of this outdoor tent are the culmination of trailing garlands of greenery that surround it.

The Chandelier Hall

When you may have dozens of chandeliers, why stop at just one? Crystal chandeliers give your wedding decor an opulent, dramatic twist. Consider renting chandeliers from a local event stylist or décor company if your venue doesn’t already have them there.

Most Beautiful Chandeliers For Mandap Decoration

The decor of the mandap is everything to the bride and groom. Since this is where their happily ever after will begin, the wedding decor must be exquisite. To feel regal and exclusive on your wedding day, just like these real couples did, we suggest having one or more chandeliers installed on the mandap!

Alternately, Add A Few Chandeliers Here And There

Adding chandeliers to every corner of your wedding venue is a beautiful additional method to utilize them. Whether you hang these magnificent chandeliers from trees or from above the dance floor, guests will notice them!

Flower chandelier

Chandelier With Greenery

A greenery chandelier is a tried-and-true wedding lighting solution that always looks stunning. It is perfect for sophisticated rural weddings and romantic aesthetics. Choose the best kind of foliage to go with the rest of your decor by working with your florist; for a winter wedding, consider using eucalyptus, smilax, or seasonal evergreens.

At The Center Stage

Not only are floral chandeliers used at weddings, but they can also be used at other wedding ceremonies too. At your ceremony, hanging one above you and your future spouse will set the mood and focus everyone’s attention on you two.

Flower Wreath Chandelier

A different option for a more distinctive appearance is to use hanging circular installations, naturally covered with lovely flowers. Additionally, if you place vegetation hoops high enough, they are practically inaccessible. So, visitors won’t ever be able to tell if they are real or not. Because silk is lighter than real flowers, many florists choose to use silk replicas rather than real flowers because of this. However, you should check with your venue to see whether you may truly suspend flowers over tables and the dance floor.

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