Cage Décor And How To Incorporate It At Your Wedding

Cage Décor And How To Incorporate It At Your Wedding

We have repeatedly attempted to come up with decor ideas for women that are not only stylish and elegant but also unusual. After all, getting married is not something that happens every day, therefore everything must be meticulously arranged. So, this time, we are focusing on a fashion trend that has undoubtedly been popular for some time but is currently regaining popularity.

Introducing cage décor, which consists of placing cages of various sizes all throughout your wedding location. If you want to have a Victorian or even a boho motif in your design, this is the style to choose. You can grab outdoor event rentals, rather than purchasing them so you save up on cost. Scroll down to see some ideas for how to use it—you ought to thank us later!

Use Of Cages As Center Tables

Instead of using flowers on your wedding’s center table, consider using cages for a more distinctive look. You may incorporate cages of all sizes into your real wedding, from large ones to little ones!

It’s adorable, isn’t it? This is exactly what you need if you’re tired of looking at candles or bouquets of flowers used as centerpieces. When used as table centerpieces for an indoor or outdoor event, bird cages work wonders. To make your venue appear and smell amazing, you might even burn a scented candle inside.

A Resounding Yes To Cage Hangings

By hanging them with fairy lights, you can include these lovely cages in yet another wonderful way. In addition to being distinctive, these cage hangings will make your wedding decor appear much more individualized and private.

Birdcages can be used to decorate the entrance to your fairy tale themed engagement ceremony. Even better, you could hang them with ribbons to decorate a garden party or use them as the stage’s back drop. For an evening event, fill the birdcages with bouquets of exotic flowers or just drape strings of fairy lights over them. In either case, they look fantastic!

Cages Used For Seating And Backdrop

Ah, and if you thought hangings were unusual, the latest trend in decor has welcomed cages as both chairs and backdrops. First of all, this decor does take up room, so if you are trying to fill space, this is a terrific design choice. Second, because of how large they are, these cages have a really regal appearance.

Bird cages may be utilized as seating as well as backgrounds, which is a terrific new option to add a special touch to your wedding instead of choosing worn-out old sitting for the bride and the groom. Just locate a suitable area and use this wonderful design option there. It can also be used for pre-wedding ceremonies and wedding photo sessions.

Place Your Cage Decor Here & There Throughout The Venue

If you don’t figure out what to add to these sections, other spaces will be left unfilled while the seating area and stage can still be organized. You’re in luck since we have located a variety of cages that can be installed at your wedding location that will not only fill the space but also make it seem beautiful.

How to Use Cage Decor in Unusual Ways

We occasionally come across a wedding where the couple takes a particular trend and applies it in a distinctive way. We were once again able to uncover some incredible applications for cage decoration. See how one can accomplish remarkable feats, such as having a cage decor bar and cage style tables!

3 birdcage decor at weddings

These ring holders in a bird cage are so adorable. Have your rings presented in two miniature bird cages instead of the customary rose boxes. Isn’t it so cute?

1 birdcage decor at weddings

Gifting Done Elegantly

Just as essential as the present itself is how it is packaged. Don’t you think these birdcage wedding favors are so elegant? Chocolates or even just a brief, personalized message to thank your guest could be placed inside. You’re done once you tie on a nice ribbon.

Use Them In Photo Booths

At one of your ceremonies, ask your wedding decorator to set up a huge bird cage to serve as the photo booth! Really, you may be sure that your guests will adore it. Keep a box of entertaining props around and start the amusing photo shoot.

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