Photo Booth Ideas Inspired From Real Weddings

Photo Booth Ideas Inspired From Real Weddings

We just can’t remain calm because wedding season is quickly approaching. We are equally as eager to take some amazing wedding photos as you are. At the very least, we can anticipate a few excellent photos after weeks of preparation, days of anticipation, and hours of getting ready.

In 2022, we witnessed some incredible interior design. We chose the top photo booths by drawing inspiration from the stunning real weddings. Make sure you have a lovely setting in the background of your photo shoot, whether it is a couple’s session or one with your squad.

Scroll down and have a look at our favorite picks! You can easily recreate them using outdoor event rentals.

A Giant Flower Wreath

We have observed enormous wreaths at weddings during the past ten years. For your Mehendi ceremony, this floral wreath with hints of pink and yellow flowers can make the greatest picture booth. A colorful feeling is created by the coral tent and the bright crates behind it.

A Sleek White Look

This picture booth is #goals for you if you enjoy the color white. Use white painted tires to adorn your photo booth. Put loads of white flowers on the tires as decoration. To spice things up, you can also add some objects like umbrellas and staircases.

A Decorative Arch

Grand arches at the entrances to events have been viewed by everybody. In 2020, we’d wish to carry this trend with us with flower archway decorations and fairy light displays. A leafy arch may be seen in this picture booth. A wonderful addition to the decor is the fairy light.

Decorate The Bottles

This photo booth would be ideal for an event you were hosting at your home. A simple design like this can be completed at home (DIY alert!). Pick up a few glass bottles from the store and give them a bright coat of paint.

The Rustic Charm

You might go for a rustic background like this instead of the cliché classic design. For your wedding event, you may create the ideal bohemian photo booth with a few pieces of wood, flowers, and leaves. If you are old school at heart, this is definitely the perfect photo booth option for you.

A Lovely OTT Fountain

This fountain was constructed using fairy lights and right out from your Pinterest list. This glowing fountain is a definite yes if you are planning a night time wedding. Post the gorgeous photos taken in front of this photo booth right now.

Keeping Things Basic

You can do it. Use flex wallpapers to keep things simple and airy. Setting up this photo booth won’t take much work. Keep two chairs around for the ideal couple’s portrait.

An Enormous Glasshouse

This captivating glasshouse is something we just can’t get enough of. The colors are cheery and vibrant. We saw this incredibly interesting setup at a Mehendi ceremony held by the pool. Pink tassels were used to embellish the ceiling.

A Frame And A Fan

Pastel hues will undoubtedly steal the stage for your daytime Mehendi event. Paper fans and frames with vibrant ribbons can be added. This simple design is light and airy and ideal for small weddings.

The Essential Jhoola

You must have seen a lot of brides taking gorgeous shots while sitting in jhoolas. Don’t forget to request a jhoola for your Mehendi ceremony from your planner. We are in love with this red flower and colorful tassel jhoola seating.

Your Ideal Ride

Our hearts are swooning over the trend of adding autos to the design. You can incorporate an automobile similar to this into your Haldi ceremony. Decorate your ideal vehicle with ribbons and flowers. You can opt for any old vehicle of your choice, be it a scooter, a bicycle, an auto rickshaw, or even a car, and decorate it up.

A Photo Booth For Your Haldi Ceremony

The setting for your Haldi ceremony is ideal for our photo booth. The ideal background for all of your Haldi shots is a simple yellow backdrop embellished with linen threads.

It’s Raining Confetti!

Like peanut butter and jelly, confetti and GIF photo booths go well together. But every time, cleaning up the confetti is a big pain. You won’t have to if you use this photo booth concept!
Use a fishing line to suspend the confetti in the air rather than popping it. It makes a striking background for any photo booth.

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