How To Use Dreamcatchers At Weddings

How To Use Dreamcatchers At Weddings

Dreamcatchers are among the most attractive decorations for weddings and other occasions because of their adaptability and ability to be incorporated into any kind of design, including floral, boho, colorful mehndi days, and beautiful pastel décor, and more. These sacred hoops, made of fabric, thread, beads, and feathers, first appeared in Indian weddings many years ago and have since become vivaciously common.

We all love these charms, thus we don’t want them to be a fad too. Dreamcatchers are exquisitely incorporated in Indian weddings in incredibly distinctive and lively ways, from the traditional feather and bead ones to floral or DIY’d gota patti & pom-pom ones. Dreamcatchers give off a good feeling, are incredibly attractive, surely have a mystical atmosphere, and fulfill our senses and hearts in precisely the right way.

We have listed some lovely ideas to use dreamcatchers in your wedding décor beautifully because we’re all about taking care of your wedding dreams and inspiring you in the finest ways to fulfill them.

Adorn Ceilings With Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers give such a fun and peppy vibe to the wedding décor. If you are having your wedding functions outdoors, these outdoor event rentals are a lovely idea to co-opt at your wedding! Especially for funky wedding ceremonies like Haldi and Mehendi. The Mehendi ceremony is always full of vibrant colors and quirky décor, and dreamcatchers fit right in this theme!

You can use different colored dreamcatchers and even match them with colored drapes! They definitely add all the color to your wedding ceremony! You can use dreamcatchers with tassels too, for a heavier effect. Pick the size of the dreamcatchers depending on the décor setup.

Tassels Make Up Everything!

We are all familiar with the same old design of dreamcatchers, but what if you are looking for something completely different? Motif dreamcatchers are the new trend, and we see why they are so in style! These dreamcatchers have feather tassels as well as rope, exchanged for the older and more traditional dreamcatchers’ design.

They give off a rustic charm, and they are definitely the perfect choice if the color palette for your wedding is earthy tones.

All White Can Never Go Wrong

If you are going for a bohemian-themed wedding, what could be better than a plain white dreamcatcher design? They completely nail the rustic look that you are looking for. Furthermore, they also radiate such an elegant look!

These dreamcatchers are perfect for an outdoor wedding held during the day! You can suspend them from trees for a charming, rustic view. You can even use white umbrellas as props, alongside the dreamcatchers. Grab wedding prop rentals at cheaper rates to save up some budget for your wedding.

The ‘Tree Of Life’

Looking for a completely bewitching dreamcatcher design? Well, this design is surely going to make your jaw drop and bedazzle your guests. It is so simplistic, yet it captures the essence of your wedding!

Why is it called the ‘Tree of Life?’ Well, it goes great with greenery! You can even add string lights or elegant lamps around it, and the vibe would definitely be off the roofs!

Floral Beauties

You can’t have a wedding without flowers! Every single wedding décor element has a floral take on it. Florals simply look great with everything. The same works for dreamcatchers too. Whether you want a heavier alternative or a lighter one, florals have you covered!

Mini Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers come in all sizes, and these keychain dreamcatchers have our hearts! They can be arranged on strings and they make the perfect décor element. You can decorate dining tables or even the entrance with these dreamcatchers.

Go For Rainbow

Have a look at this huge rainbow dreamcatcher! It is truly a sight for sore eyes, isn’t it?

Wing It Your Way

Sometimes, you just have to trust your gut! If you are a creative person, don’t shy away from creating your own version of dreamcatchers. You can use different lovely fabrics, tassels, flower arrangements, and even gota patti elements to create dreamcatchers.

Use this opportunity to tell your story through some creativity! You can never go wrong with any dreamcatcher design, so don’t fret about getting it wrong.

If you loved this wedding décor element, grab wedding décor rentals at affordable prices and get started with your wedding planning!

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