Dreamcatchers For A Mehendi Ceremony

Dreamcatchers For A Mehendi Ceremony

Brides, when you are deciding on your lehenga, bridal style, and other details, there is one thing we are sure you haven’t given much thought to the wedding decor! We have some adorable suggestions for dreamcatchers. Also known as sacred hoops, they will help your special day run smoothly and peacefully while also looking very out-of-the-ordinary.

If you put a dream catcher in your Mehendi, wonderful dreams will surely follow! We dug deep and found you some special dream catchers to complement your Mehendi design. These tiny items, which are embellished with feathers and beads, will undoubtedly give your wedding celebrations a fantasy feel.

Scroll down to have a look at the different ways in which you can use these party rentals easily!

Add A Pop Of Color

Colors are the main focus of any Mehendi ceremony, right? Choose vibrant dream catchers, and hang them above your entryway or in the Mehendi photo booth! Don’t worry about messing them up, as the Mehendi ceremony is all about experimenting. You can also mix and match multicolored dreamcatchers, or have dreamcatchers with two different and quirky shades!

Dreamcatchers Can Feature Intricate Crochet Art!

Dreamcatchers are an old affair. Sure, they weren’t favored elements used in weddings until recently, but they have been popular as décor elements for quite a while. But, why do you have to stick to the same old dreamcatcher designs and ideas? These crochet dreamcatchers are a perfect fit for any wedding ceremony! These lovely fairy tale dream catchers were created using the crocheting technique, which involves interlacing loops of yarn and thread with the use of a crochet hook. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Have Some Glitz In Your Wedding Décor

If you are planning to have a fun, jazzy ceremony, why not opt for some golden glitter? Have a playful yet glistening design element by adding golden dream catchers and streamers with pom poms! This blingy décor pairs well with dark colors, so you can use darker drapes, and the golden streamers would fit well over them. Pink, blue, purple, and even the classic multicolored draperies would look lovely.

How Do You Miss Out On Florals?

Florals are a major part of any wedding function. They are a lovely décor element, so why not use them in your dreamcatchers? You must have seen floral wreaths during Christmas time. They are such a big hit, and they are hung outside doors, windows, and some variants also known as the mistletoe are also hung from ceilings. If you love floral wreaths, you ought to love their variation of dreamcatchers! Dream catchers and floral wreaths combined make a beautiful design piece!

Another lovely way of incorporating flowers in dreamcatchers is hanging strings of them at the bottom of the dreamcatchers. DIY Advice: To make old bicycle wheels seem unique, adorn them with flowers and fabrics and make your own DIY dreamcatchers!

You can even go for a more elegant look by picking minimal flowers, some colorful ribbons and strings, and adding them to your dreamcatchers. Whether you hang a white dream-catcher or string your colorful ones, make sure to decorate it exquisitely to evoke the sensation of a fairytale!

Use Them As Backdrops

We agree with you if you’re considering using a floral backdrop and dream catchers. Make a fun backdrop that’s also wonderful for clicking pictures by adding some quirky items like bangles, flowers, etc. Not only does that make a lovely backdrop to keep the bridal seat against, but you can also click lovely pictures in front of the backdrop! You can use either a few big dreamcatchers or multiple smaller-sized ones.

Tassels Are Always Welcome

Tassels are such a vibrant and funky element to have at any wedding, and more so when it comes to a Mehendi ceremony. They completely check all the boxes to be a perfect fit for Mehendi. Whether it is colorful vibrant tassels or even simple and elegant white ones, don’t forget to hang them on your dreamcatchers.

Choose From Different Shapes And Sizes

Who says your dreamcatchers have got to stay round? You can go with so many different designs. Be it a heart, a star-shaped dreamcatcher or some simple crescent-shaped ones, these dreamcatchers deserve to be at your Mehendi ceremony!

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