Wedding Jhoolas That You Should Not Miss

Wedding Jhoolas That You Should Not Miss

Don’t you get excited seeing Jhoolas in the park? I bet you do get excited and the excitement should be there as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are 24 or 34, the emotion is always there when we encounter a Jhoola. We just cannot deny a ride of it. We have even seen that many people have kept Jhoolas in their houses as well. This shows how much people enjoy and love this thing. So just imagine that this wonderful thing is a part of your wedding decor. Sounds fascinating? Yes, it is fascinating. So to bring this imagination into reality and to enhance your wedding decor, we are listing some of the lovely wedding Jhoolas that you should not miss. 

Let Jhoolas Do The Magic

There is surely something special in Jhoolas that even with minimal decor they can grab all the attention. The fun they provide us with and the design they have is enough for so. So if you are out of decor ideas for the Jhoolas, it’s okay! Just put your Jhoola in the arena and let it do the rest of the magic. 

One more thing, by the above lines we do not mean that you can put Jhoola in the raw form. Because that would look as if it is placed unintentionally. It should look like you have put some effort into it. Minimal decor is required. By minimal, we are talking about the theme. A simple decor is enough for this idea. That’s what we are saying.

Single Seater Jhoolas

I am sure we all have fought for our seats in the Jhoolas, especially when all our cousins get together. The fights surely happen. The beautiful thing about these fights is that it consists only of love and fun, nothing else. So, when all your cousins will get together for your big day and will encounter this beautiful one-seater Jhoola, there will be madness for sure. This single-seater Jhoola will surely bring back those lovely fights and the memories attached to them.

Traditional Jhoolas

What does traditional mean? Old fashioned Jhoolas? Not at all. By traditional, we mean to opt for traditional decor themes and the design of Jhoolas will have that touch as well. The Jhoolas which you have seen in many periodic movies and shows just need some refreshing touch and they will be wedding ready. And when it comes to traditional decor, you can always opt for Marigold flowers as it is the most common flower when it comes to traditional themes.

Fancy Jhoolas

This idea is just the opposite of the above-mentioned one. The designs here will be very unique and new and the chances of seeing them before will be very less. The theme of the decor will also have a modern touch. Modern flowers like carnations, roses, and tulips can be a part of the decor. 

The whole idea is here to go for the new style of Jhoolas so do not doubt if someone says that they haven’t seen this kind of Jhoolas. All you have to do is just Visit some designs and choose whatever you want. The chances are very high that your selected designs are never seen before by any of your guests. So do not worry about that, just listen to yourself.

Proper Wedding Jhoolas

What is meant by a proper wedding? The answer is not leaving any stone unturned! More simply, going all out with the decor and everything. You have to do the same thing with the Jhoola as well. No minimal decor, no compromisation with the design of the Jhoola. The focus should be here and its decor should not be taken lightly. 

The decor of the Jhoola should match the theme of the wedding. That will be a proper wedding Jhoola. It should not feel like everything is perfectly decorated but Jhoola is not up to the mark.


There is no issue in getting Jhoolas in the decor scheme. Do not think that it would look awkward. See, a wedding is all about fun and memories. Trust me, we all have a lot of memories with Jhoolas, and having it at a wedding will surely give everyone nostalgic and cheerful vibes. So go ahead and get the best Jhoola for your wedding.

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